Benefits of using Arlene Quinn for your training needs

  • The person who speaks to you about a program designs, prepares, delivers and evaluates your program.
  • The program details include sufficient information to enable you to determine the suitability for your workforce. Our programs can be adjusted to meet your individual needs.
  • We know a wide range of training specialists in Australia. If you have a specific training need that is not addressed here then we may be able to advise you of someone who will be right for you.
  • Programs generally are in workplace friendly 2, 4 or 8 hour modules.
  • A training handout or booklet is provided for each participant.

Why should you choose to use Arlene Quinn?

  • Arlene holds a Master of Commerce (Human Resource Development) and Certificate of Education which enables programs to be developed specifically to meet your needs paying attention to known communication and development principles.
  • Arlene is currently practicing as a nurse, is a member of Royal College of Nursing Australia and with 15 years of senior nursing management experience enables programs for the health and aged care industries to be up-to-date and relevant.
  • Arlene is a professional coach and member of the International Coach Federation so after the training program, support to participants or executive coaching can be provided at competitive rates.
  • Arlene, a prior award winner and Past Professional Member of National Speakers Association Australia, can provide a presentation to your Board or senior management on the advantages of these programs for your staff.

Please visit the Training Courses page to learn more about the courses Arlene Quinn offers.

“Arlene Quinn provided my community services staff with training on a variety of issues including better communication, diversity in the workplace and team building. I found her professional approach to understanding my team’s needs and the adaptability on the training days paid off. Most staff enjoyed the interactive exercises that energised and encouraged thinking about their client group in different ways; and all took skills away to be used in the future.”

Debbie Armstead

Manager Aged Care (Centre Based Services)
Hills Community Support Group (Inc)