Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions of engagement outlined follow the standards and principles used throughout the coaching, speaking and training industries in Australia. They seek to be fair and reasonable to both parties in this business relationship.

Terms of engagement

  1. Service is offered at the rate stated in the schedule/proposal sent at the time of engagement.
  2. A booking is only considered confirmed when a payment of 30% of the fee is received. (Due within 10 days of booking) unless the contract states the fee is waived.
  3. Payment of the remaining balance of the fee is due and payable strictly 7 days after completion of the presentation or workshop.
  4. Where applicable, the client shall be liable for the following expenses:
    • Travelling expenses outside Perth metropolitan area.
    • Accommodation and meals.
    • Airport transfers and taxi fares.
    • Equipment required for presentation (e.g. lapel microphone, O/H projector, flip chart stand and paper, participant supplies, etc).

Money Back Guarantee

To provide our clients with maximum protection, all Arlene Quinn Coaching Sessions, presentations and training workshops are covered by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you believe your expectations have not been met, speaking and training fees will be cheerfully refunded in full. (Guarantee subject to fees received by due dates.) Indeed we may choose not to invoice you if we are unsatisfied.

Cancellation and Postponement Policy

Cancellations and postponements cause inconvenience for all parties, so this policy seeks to be fair and equitable given that dates once booked are held exclusively for the client. Cancellation and postponements made close to delivery dates are unlikely to be filled by another client.

  1. Cancellation or postponement of any engagement is accepted provided it is made at least 60 days before the previously confirmed date. (In the event of a cancellation being made outside of the 60 days, deposits will be refunded in full.)
  2. Postponement of any engagement within the 60 days is acceptable on condition the fees are due and payable at the time of the original booking.
  3. Cancellation within 60 days of presentation due 10% of fee due.
  4. Cancellation within 30 days of presentation 50% fee due.
  5. The Client is also liable for any cancellation charges levied by airlines, hotels, venues, etc.

Schedule of Professional Fees

Coaching and Facilitation Fees

Various payment plans are available for business coaching, corporate facilitation, program, course design and report writing, participant interviewing and one-on-one lifestyle coaching. Quotations available. Fees are generally payment monthly in advance. Professional fees are effective for 3 months from date of quotation.

Speaking Services

Definition: Speaking is defined as the delivery of a 30-90 minute ‘topic specific’ key-note presentation at a conference, convention, symposium or seminar to an audience ranging from 25-1000 people.

Training Services

Definition: Training is defined as the delivery of a customised professional development program consisting of one or several modules for the specific individual client with a maximum of 20 participants per session. (Additional participants, subject to negotiation.)

Fees are inclusive of planning meetings, but exclusive of customised course design, participant training materials, presentation equipment, venue hire, catering, travelling expenses, airfares, accommodation, meals, airport transfers and taxis.


The copyright in all materials presented by Arlene Quinn, People Performance Plus, shall remain the sole property of the speaker and prior written consent by the speaker, including agreement on compensation, is required before any electronic recording is permitted.

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

Booking coaching, presentation or training sessions by Arlene Quinn constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions unless any alterations have been agreed to and confirmed.