Building up experiences that limits having to use external facilitation by people who do not know your industry

Leader-Led Learning

Leader-Led Conversations.

This way of developing your people is a mid-21st century solution to leadership development, people engagement, people working from home, hybrid workplaces and remote teams geographically separated.

It is a structured way of building up experiences that limits having to use external facilitation by people who do not know your industry, yet mentors your leaders to gain valuable communication  and coaching capabilities.

Have you heard of the 70:20:10 leadership metaphor. It is a fundamentally different view of work, performance and learning in the 21st century. Implementing the 70:20:10 model will generate real business impact, by adjusting the organisational focus from solely developing formal learning solutions to integrating learning in the workflow. The diagram recaps for you.

REBOOT: Moving from Crisis to Recovery

Leading and Navigating the Way Forward

Reboot: re·​boot | \ (ˌ)rē-ˈbüt verb: to refresh (something) by making a new start or creating a new version.

As we shift out of crisis, it’s not simply a return to work but a chance to “reboot” our businesses and workplaces, which brings both challenge and opportunity:

  • How can we embed the positive changes we’ve experienced into our work going forward?
  • How do managers keep their teams connected and effective when remote (or adapted) work is indefinite?
  • How can organisations build a culture of innovation to thrive through continuous change and uncertainty?

In partnership with, we’ve created this virtual, time and cost-effective system for helping your people navigate uncertainty and create new possibilities together.

What is it?

A program that equips managers and teams with mindsets, skills and tools to reimagine work, establish strong connections, build accountability and develop adaptive thinking to ensure business continuity.

This program has three main components:

  • A 1hr Facilitated Virtual Workshop for Leaders to introduce them to key concepts in the program and build understanding of their own role in leading the recovery process.
  • A series of leader-led conversations that managers can use to easily apply and practice learnings from the facilitated workshop, while building connection, accountability and new skills with their direct reports* ( 20% )
  • Clear and easy to read data – collected via the Actionable dashboard- that provides your leadership team with insight into how your people are moving from crisis into recovery.

70 % Solving real world problems; reflection, innovation, 5-minute pre reading materials

20% Learning in networks, collaboration real time feedback in each conversation, growing face to face or virtual facilitation capabilities


Conversation 1: Reimagining Work

Conversation 2: Connection for Business Continuity

Conversation 3: Thriving in Uncertainty  

10% A facilitated virtual I hour workshop to equip everyone and prepare leaders to undertake the conversational parts of the program.


*This series is structured as three (3)-leader-led conversations with universally applicable content which can be delivered on its own or works in combination with our Transitioning to Remote Work program. There’s also the opportunity to layer in additional conversations for your specific needs.


Who is it for?

Leaders (and their teams) transitioning through crisis to recovery and wanting to reboot, typically working in:

  • Traditionally office-based organisations who have been disrupted by having their teams moved to a remote (work from home) work environment indefinitely.
  • Organisations impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, but not catastrophically so. Their business continued to operate remotely in crisis with an understanding that business continuity is unlikely to be a business as usual scenario in the recovery period.

How does it work?

  • People managers attend a 1 hour facilitated & interactive virtual event via Zoom (or other video conferencing platform).
  • In the 45-60 days following the workshop, these managers then lead three (3) “Actionable Conversations” with their teams. Actionable Conversations are 60-minute meetings (virtual).

Conversation 1: Reimagining Work

Supporting individuals to reimagine work (reflecting on their recent experiences) and see new possibilities for the way their work is done as we transition from crisis to reboot and define the way forward.

Conversation 2: Connection for Business Continuity

Supporting teams to discuss how business continuity will rely on the way we connect and work effectively together as we work through the transition to recovery (and under the threat of an economic downturn).

Conversation 3: Thriving in Uncertainty  

Supporting teams to consider how they will step-up as individuals and contribute together to the success of recovery by exploring skills and mindsets that enable a more confident and creative response to uncertain situations and rapid change.