Power Coaching Session

Have you ever felt like your life was going nowhere, or that there was a lot more to personal and business life than you were experiencing?

Who would select Power Coaching?

Power coaching is designed to support a executive or manager who is not looking for a regular coaching commitment at this time.

What is it?

Power coaching is a one-off session of between 30 minutes and 2 hours where the executive, manager or owner has the opportunity to discuss their challenges and opportunities with an experienced coach who offers confidentiality and an objective approach.

Typical activities which may form part of a Power coaching session include:

  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Problem-solving
  • Gaining insights and breakthroughs
  • Generating momentum
  • Creating career or team action plans
  • Thinking through the ‘how-to’
  • Developing competitive strategies
  • Creating mental maps (connecting the dots and discovering opportunities)
  • Creating work/life balance
  • Setting up a consultancy/ new businesses (the right way first!!)

Benefits of Power Coaching

  • Work on one issue of importance to the person(s) being coached
  • Motivation to achieve an outcome is high on part of the coachee(s)
  • No long term commitment to meet the coach
  • Meets personal or business budgets


An example of this was last January a couple who had a cleaning franchise asked to meet on 27th December This week was the only week in the year they had off together and could meet to make the changes they desired.

They were clearly tried of the busy life they led. Their business was steadily growing and they only focused on corporate commercial work.

We covered the vision they had for the company over the next 3 years and what options for maintaining growth could occur in that time. They also used my service to soundboard selling the business, and the owner working up north in the mines.

Their turnover was currently meeting their financial expectations although they felt unable to say they were safe with only one of them running the business with staff.

The outcome of having a power coaching session was they decided that they would look for another member of the family to come into the business in partnership and allow the wife to pursue her own career back in teaching, thus keeping their personal finances for their children’s education secure.

They would work towards having a robust business that could be sold to that new partner in 5 years time thus enabling the husband to pursue his dream of owning another business in garden supplies. This was a future he now clearly wanted to do. An action plan was set and they agreed to be accountable for holding each other string on the journey.

My role as a coach was to enable them to speak to each other and for each party to hear what the other was actually saying.