Click! Colours

Click! Colours Discovery Cards

Experience the latest in personality discovery tools. Better, faster, cheaper and easier to use and implement.

A simple, yet powerful tool to help you boost success and happiness in all aspects of life by revealing why people behave the way they do. By following the process as outlined in the instructions, you will be able to use the Click! Colours to identify and recognise the behaviour preferences of yourself and others. This knowledge will help you improve communication and boost relationships with people who are not like you, and help you maximise the potential of individuals and teams.

Applications: relationships, teamwork, decision making, change management, leadership, personal productivity, career development, wealth creation, friendships, partnerships, parenting and personal well being.

Click! Colours Discovery Cards used as stand alone or with teams

$30 per set

Combined with a personal coaching session you can explore a number of areas of development

    • Life / work balance

      The three most important improvements/goals you want to make in your life?
      List 3 things or messes in your life that you can do or change to free you up

    • Learn how to use language to enhance your world of work and play
    • Getting going and saying ‘no’

      List 5 things you have or want on your dream board
      What are the 3 most important habits you need to develop to achieve your goals/life improvements?

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